Oregon CS250E Chainsaw

Oregon_CS250EOne outdoor power tool that gardeners just cannot be without is a chainsaw, and the Oregon CS250E battery powered cordless chainsaw is currently one of the best available on the market.

With its ultra quiet performance and superb battery life, this little unit is flying off the shelves in record numbers. Hardly surprising then that it has scored a fantastic 4.6 out of 5 stars by everyone who reviewed it online!

Capable of around 250 cuts from a single battery charge, the Oregon CS250E is available to purchase online for around $400 and is cheaper to run when compared to a gas model.

All in all this is a fantastic piece of kit and is reviewed in full here >> http://www.gardentoolstation.com/oregon-cs250e-powernow-14-inch-chain-saw-review/

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Handy Garden Tool Guide

Lawn Mowers, Strimmers, Cultivators……

best-lawn-mower2With such a huge choice of garden tools on the market these days it is important that when you come to purchasing new ones that you make the correct choices.

Which is the best lawn mower, the best trimmer, best cultivator, blower, generator… the list is endless! That’s where we come in with our handy little guide to the best tools money can buy. We will list the models we feel are good value for money and the ones that aren’t, we will also show you different websites that offer unbiased reviews of many different products.

www.gardentoolstation.com has over 50 different reviews of many different garden tools all offering unbiased and trustworthy information. What we don’t like about the larger sites on the web which belong to the major stores is that they only seem to offer positive reviews about the products that they are trying to sell.

Over the next few weeks we will start to give you the valuable information that you require so please feel free to bookmark our site and check back often.

One particular lawnmower that is reviewed on the Gardentoolstation.com website is the Husqvarna HU800AWD all wheel drive mower. An excellent mower that comes with a fantastic price tag. This mower has fantastic reviews and is a very popular addition to the Husqvarna range. Read the full review HERE…..

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